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are you thinking of going to MIx 08?

There’s good news and bad news.

Let’s deal with the bad news first. The bad news is that Mix 08 is totally sold out so if you’ve not got your ticket you’ll have to wait until next, book early! Well done to the Mix team for putting together a great schedule.

The good news is that will be hosting videos of many of the sessions. Not the same as seeing them live and interacting with the other delegates and speakers but definitely better than missing out altogether.

Keep your eye on for all the latest news.


Silverlight to power ‘jackass 2.5’

On December 19th, Blockbuster will premiere the first full-length feature film release to the web, Jackass 2.5, directly to online audiences using both Windows and Mac via Microsoft Silverlight

Jackass 2.5 will be made available for FREE, to anyone in the United States 17 or older.

As you can imagine this is one of the largest projects in Blockbuster history, made possible by using the rich media CDN from Limelight Networks and Silverlight. I think shows how rapidly Silverlight is maturing from its new born status back in September to where it stands today.

This is a massive first step by one of the biggest players in the movie rental market and it will be interesting to see the direction they, and other companies can take this in the future.

Jackass 2.5 – beginning December 19th through December 31st, 2007 – Enjoy!


The Microsoft Design Website

As part of the Expression launch this week a new area of has been launched.

This is the focal point for all design related topics and already there are some excellent articles on there. The site has broad reach and covers everything design related at Microsoft, already there are aticles on the new Expression products, the new UI of Office and the Xbox 360.

I cant wait to see the content that gets added to the site over the coming months, it looks like it’s going to be both broad and deep in content and the site will hopefully become a great resource for the design community as a whole.



Another day, another blog

Hi, this is my blog and as you can tell it’s going to be about ‘different things’ J I’m going to be blogging about things that are keeping me occupied at the moment, the Expression Tools from Microsoft, Boot Camp, gaming, DIY and the occasional proud dad moment.

So who am I.

I trained as a graphic designer, spent 5 years creating Macromedia’s print work in the UK, 6 and half years working at Macromedia in various roles from Web Products Business Manager to Technical Sales Manager before serving time in the Mobile team. I experienced the marriage of Macromedia and Adobe and after 6 months decided it was time for me to divorce. Luckily a great role presented itself and I became a User Experience Evangelist at…


Which over the life of this blog you’ll see is not as strange as it seems! At least I hope you do!

On the gaming side I cut my teeth on the on Atari VCS 2600 and had the blisters to prove it. They hadn’t heard of ergonomic controllers back in those days – a controller – let’s make all the corners square for maximum comfort! Unfortunately I’ve retired my serious player hat and would be classed as a ‘social’ gamer now. Sad but true. You can find me on Xbox Live as freelancer258, a little tribute to Alias. If you didn’t catch the show that’s your loss. Actually if you missed the show, go to Amazon buy all 5 series and enjoy the ride!

Anyway that’s just a little bit of me. Time to blog.