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Make my logo bigger

Occasionally you see something that simply nails an idea so perfectly – this is one of those times.

Who needs designers when you can just use the ‘make my logo bigger’ cream – works on both printed and web material 😉

Just check out the video at ‘Make my logo bigger‘.

And the sad thing is we’ve all had to fight this experience in real life.

Thanks to the guys at Agency Fusion for making my day.


the right image, the right place, the right time

I’ve only just seen this and although it’s been kicking around for a while I thought I’d share it.

Often getting the maximum impact for your design is a combination of many things, understanding the market, the right message , the right look and emotional attachment, some times the ideas that seem so simple have the greatest impact.

The Red Cross wanted to raise awareness of the devastation that an earthquake can cause and if we’re honest words don’t really capture the huge impact, in reality neither do images of some far away place that has been hit by a quake. Those images have shock value, but not the emotional attachment… so how about a graphic example of how a quake would impact you…


The power of using the right image to deliver a message!

You can