Who are the Top Brands in the UK in 2007?

So just who are the top brands in the UK? Well that depends on who you talk to as the marketing experts have a very different opinion to the general public polled in the Superbrands survey.

Every year Superbrands polls a sizable set of people, 3200 this year, which is a great data set to work with. For a more in-depth look at the study and result visit http://www.superbrands.com/uk/ which has some great data.

It’s always great to see the company you work for doing well in these surveys, and for the second year in a row Microsoft came out as the top brand in the UK with a very strong showing across all age groups both male and female.

It’s also great fun putting together your own top ten and comparing… and there we’re some big surprises!

Personally I would have put the iPod in my top ten. It’s been the buzz product over the last 3 /4 years and gets a huge amount of coverage. The experts thought so as well and had it placed at number 3 in their top ten. The public placed iPod at number 153, a full 150 places below what the experts thought.

It highlights how difficult it is to gauge ‘brand’ across a wide cross section of people.

In fact in the top ten only three companies showed up in both the public and expert lists!

The public are blasted with brands 24/7 and have obviously started got very adept at filtering out brands and buzz noise that are less relevant for them. What will be interesting next year is to see whether the public vote follows what the experts said this year, or whether the public continue to go in their own direction. I’m betting the latter.

It’s also interesting looking at how different brands fared in different ages groups, and genders, women voted Moët & Chandon into their top ten, while men voted in Guinness…

Tiffany & Co. placed 293 placed higher with women then men, and Wall’s Ice Cream placed 265 places higher with men… anyway here’s a run down of the top ten Superbrands in the UK in 2007:

1: Microsoft

2: Coca-cola

3: Google

4: BBC

5: BP

6: British Airways

7: Lego

8: Guinness

9: Mercedes Benz

10: Cadbury


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