World changing products…

Often when watching a movie, particularly Sc-Fi you’ll see a piece of technology and dream of a day when it will become real. It’s normally something so different, so mind blowing and to put it bluntly, so damn cool that if you’re watching on DVD you have to hit the rewind button even though it ruins the flow of the movie.

This happened to me when I first watched Minority Report. The way Tom Cruise can manipulate data on the ‘data window’, a flick of the hand, a drag of the finger just blew me away.

Not for one second did I think that less than 5 years later I’d see that vision become a reality – yet – that’s what has happened today with the announcment of Microsoft Surface, a WPF and Vista based interactive… well, interactive surface!

Users can actually grab digitial content that is displayed on the surface,  moving and interacting with it using touch and gesture – I won’t waste any more words simply go along to the web site and take a look.

This really is the age of the Rich Interactive Application (RIA).



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