Vista re-built in WPFe

When I was at Macromedia it was always amazing how quickly the community would start producing amazing work with a new version of the authoring tool or player. It looks like nothings changed now I’m here at Microsoft.

Ok so it’s early days for WPFe… the second CTP was released last week (ie pre-beta) and already people, in this case you’ll need to brush up on your Slovenian, are doing some amazing things with it…


This is a ‘simulation’ of Windows Vista. I think what’s great about this example is while most of us are kicking the tyres, working out the best way to blend WPFe with Ajax, whether to render on the server or within the browser etc, these guys have gone and produced something that pushes the boundry. In fact I’m sure if you’d asked anyone at Microsoft whether this would be possible on the first CTP – the answer would have been no.

Great work… I can’t wait to see how the community starts to use WPFe once it’s a fully realised technology. (Mike Harsh picked this up last week – you should check out his blog for all the latest WPFe goodness)


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