Final two Boot Camp drivers for Vista

Two fingered trackpad scrolling, trackpad right click and a working iSight camera – finally everything is up and running on my MacBook Pro running Vista Ultimate 🙂

There is one small gotcha with getting the drivers working after sleep or hibernation but we cover that at the end of the post.

The iSight was the easier of the two as all I had to do was install the latest driver from the Boot Camp 1.1.2 drivers disk! I’d never tried this before as there was no indication that it had been updated – it has – and it works 🙂

I’ve missed two fingered scrolling – it’s one of those things that once you’re used to it you want it on every machine. Well now you can have it on Vista as well. Essentially putting two fingers on the trackpad allows you to scoll pages up and down without having to resort to the scoll bar. Putting two fingers on the trackpad and clicking the trackpad button will also produce a right-click.

To get this working just follow the next few steps – it’s just a matter of getting the right driver on the right device… if you need to find out how to extract the device drivers from the Boot Camp drivers CD just see this previous post…

1: Open the ‘device’ manager – just hit the windows key and type ‘dev’ – the first option is normally the device manager

2:  Open out the Human Interface Devices option, and the trackpad is one of these devices – which one may depend on your configuration but mine was the 3rd USB HID device. The quickest way to find out which is controlling your trackpad is to plug in a mouse and then test each device one at a time by disabling it. When your trackpad has stopped working you’ve found the right device to update.

Just remember don’t disable your mouse and trackpad at the sametime 😉

3: Right click on the ‘USB Human Interface Device’ that belongs to your trackpad and select ‘update driver software’ from the menu. A window opens and presents you with two options, choose ‘browse my computer for driver software’.

A second window opens, from these two options choose ‘let me pick from list of device drivers on my computer’.

The following window opens and you need to choose the ‘have disk’ option.

4: Navigate to the ‘aapltp’ folder in your Windows XP drivers folder. You should have one option and this is the driver for the trackpad, select it and press open.

5: You’ll be taken back to the driver window and now you’ll see Vista has recognised the Apple Trackpad driver – choose ‘next’.

6: At this point you’ll get an error – choose ‘install this driver anyway’

7: You’ll get taken back to the device manager and you’ll see a new option in your ‘USB Serial Bus controllers’ called Apple Trackpad – well now your good to go. You’ll have double finger scolling, put two fingers on the trackpad and you can scoll the selected window, put two fingers on the trackpad and click the trackpad button and that counts as a right-click.

The one big gotcha with both of these drivers is that they will not work after sleep or hibernation, and will only come back to life after a restart!

However…  over on Brandon’s blog there is a solution for the Trackpad/hibernation/sleep issue. This doesn’t involve a hack – we simply tell Vista to restart the driver when the machine wakes up. The great news is the exact same steps also work for the iSight driver as well 🙂  (update: iSight still occassionally fails after hibernate – will add an additional post if this get fully resolved)

Nice work Brandon !


Just one thing to note on Brandon’s instructions on step 12 your ID will almost certainly be different so go to the device manager and get the right ID code. When you look for the Hardware ID both devices (trackpad and iSight) will have two IDs, copy the shorter one each time.

And that’s the lot… if you’ve seen my other posts on Boot Camp and Vista you now have everything from Keyboard backlighting and Bluetooth through to two fingered scrolling. Result 🙂


4 Responses to “Final two Boot Camp drivers for Vista”

  1. March 27, 2008 at 8:49 am

    Outstanding documentation. I’ve been using an MBP as my primary work machine at M$ for months, and all this time I figured the drivers didsn’t support the trackpad’s full abilities (to be honest I was a bit lazy and hadn’t bothered to go hunting for a solution).

    Thank you so much for documenting the process; getting right-click functionality has absolutely made my day. I’d like to buy you a cuppa when I’m in Redmond next (I live / work in San Francisco) to say thanks.

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