Installing Bluetooth on a MacBook Pro running Windows Vista RTM

Well I thought it was about time I got myself Bluetooth’d up as I’m playing with, and therefore syncing 3 different devices and of course they all require different cables! So time for Bluetooth…

So I’m going to make just one assumption, that you’ve got the Drivers CD that Boot Camp creates (I normally keep the drivers on my C: drive), you’ll need these in a moment as we’ll be using the Apple Bluetooth drivers for this install.

The other claveat is that I’ve only tested this on a MacBook Pro as that’s the machine I use, it could be a slightly different process for a Mac Mini, or MacBook.

In my case Bluetooth was completely AWOL on my machine so the first thing to do is launch the ‘device manager’ in Vista and have a poke around.

Once you’ve done this choose ‘devices by connection’ from the view menu. This reorders and groups your devices into a much more manageable layout.

Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the ‘pci’ to drop down for the full list of connections:

Once you’ve expanded the ‘pci’ list you see a number of different ‘Intel 82801G/Intel 82801 GB’ options. The one we’re looking for has the letters – 27CB – after its name.

Expand this so you can view its connection tree:

Right click on the ‘USB Composite Device’ option and select ‘update driver software’ from the menu. A window opens and presents you with two options, choose ‘browse my computer for driver software’.

A second window opens, from these two options choose ‘let me pick from list of device drivers on my computer’.

This now opens the following window:

Select the ‘have disk’ option then navigate to the your Bootcamp Drivers folder. You need to choose the ‘BthKicker’ option which is in the ‘Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP’ folder. Click ok.

The following warning will open:

Click ‘install this driver software anyway’… and then wait for about 30 seconds or so while your Bluetooth software is configured. Once it’s finished you’ll get the following confirmation:


And now you’re good to go.


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