Tip: Expression Web – moving internal CSS styles to external stylesheets

We’ve all done it. Well I know have anyway.

That odd time when I’ve been rushing about trying different design ideas then realising in my haste for exploration I’ve been dropping my CSS styles inline and not into an external style sheet. I really meant to be good and use an external style sheet.

Well the good news is it only takes moment to correct this lapse of concentration, in fact only 2 steps… phew!

1: Add an external style sheet by choosing ‘Attach Style Sheet’ in the ‘Apply Styles’ panel (screen shot below). This could be a new blank style sheet or one that’s been created earlier, and obviously you can attach more than one.

2: Click on the ‘Manage Styles’ tab in the same panel and you can now see all your styles both internal and external. Simply drag the style to the name of the style sheet you want to have it moved to. You can also arrange the cascade order here by again using drag and drop to change the order the stayles appear in the list – your code is updated accordingly.



1 Response to “Tip: Expression Web – moving internal CSS styles to external stylesheets”

  1. November 29, 2006 at 11:42 pm

    It is simple
    providing that you currently have an external sheet to work with.
    The best advice, is to always work with and external style sheet. Then simple changes will be site wide. If the styles are in line or imbeded then the site wide changes, will be a lot more time consuming and much more difficult to implement!

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